In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory
Myrtice Hixan Roberts
12-22-1948 to 10-1-2012myrtise

Because of Myrtice ‘Red Velvet’ Roberts, I was able to create programs, develop games, and feed entire prison dorms of 96 men at a time, every single holiday while dedicating my own life back to God.  Myrtice faithfully sent her financial blessings to help me and others like me even when the system didn’t feed us.
Hopefully our book, hers and mine, entitled, “From Generation to Generation,” will be published soon. Because of Myrtice’s untiring efforts, love, and desire to live the life Jesus talked about in Matthew 25: 35-40, I am a blessed man, even in my current situation and so are many others that are with me. Myrtice was one of the four that engrafted her good fruit into my tree and made me whole again. Praise God for Myrtice and all she has done.  Her life and examples are a testament to the great things God has done and is still doing; I pray that on that great day, she’ll be presented faultless before his throne. Until then I, William Charles Lewis, encourage you all to remember my friend, Myrtice, and the love she shared with the world. Hopefully, it will bless you also to stay in God’s care. Thank you, Myrtice. Sleep well; I’ll see you soon.
Your friend in Christ,

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