Being born and raised in Americus, Georgia, William C. Lewis became inspired to write when he was encouraged by his newly found 14 year old daughter, Jennifer Smith. Before Jennifer was born, William was a soldier in the army where he met her mom during his tour of duty in Nurnberg, Germany. After he transferred back to the states and reunited with his wife, he learned that Jennifer had been conceived. Six months after she was born, William took a trip back to Nurnberg to see her because he loved her, even before she was conceived. In an attempt to save his marriage,
William stayed away from Jennifer and Germany while writing apologetic letters to her mom to inquire about Jennifer’s well-being. Within two years after Jennifer’s birth, her mom married another soldier who took her away to parts unknown. For thirteen straight years, William called Jennifer’s grandmother to learn of her whereabouts, but he was never told.
Fourteen years after Jennifer’s birth, William called her grandmother again, and Jennifer was there with her mother. Being nervous, he talked with her mom as she explained everything about his child.
“Lewis, she loves to read,” said her mom. “She loves books!” Her mom told him that Jennifer had secretly taken the letters he wrote to her and read them many times over.
Upon meeting Jennifer on her 15th birthday, in Nurnberg, for the second time after her birth, this powerful father-daughter relationship became inseparable. For the next three years, the father-daughter bond grew stronger as William’s marriage became more unstable. Around Jennifer’s 18th birthday, the unstable marriage became fatal as William ended up in a Georgia Prison; many were devastated.
As often as possible after William’s incarceration, he wrote to Jennifer and his two sons in an attempt to maintain their relationship from inside the walls.
“I want to know everything about your life,” said Jennifer. In an attempt to please her William wrote to her every week for over three years as he also wrote to many friends. He shared many things with Jennifer and his friends about his life, but he was slowly losing track of the many stories and events that he had experienced.
“Charles (middle name),” said his close friend and Minister, Elder V.J. Mendinghall. “You are an excellent writer and storyteller. You need to put it all in a book.” The words of Mendinghall coupled with the words of Jennifer, subsided and encouraged William to write his life’s story. William entitled his inspiring auto-biography,
“Chosen by Heaven; Used by Hell”
This inspiring 300 page manuscript, which was written for family and friends, was never introduced to the publishing world, but remains within the private confines of the family. After the manuscript was completed, William began to see similarities of his past life in the lives of his children even more. He also began to listen to friends tell their stories about their lives as he saw how many of their descendants were experiencing the same lifestyles as their parents. After much prayer and hearing similar types of stories, William was led to conduct a spiritual research for better understanding. While he and Jennifer shared about this, ideas for a new book became prevalent and the research begun. As a result, a generational trilogy was born, that later turned into a series called…


Although William is the author of this7-book series, Jennifer, with her wisdom and idealistic input, even from Nurnberg, Germany, share in it as the co-author.
William and Jennifer laugh and have fun as they learn and share about events and situations that drives people in their daily lives; many of which they are experiencing themselves. Therefore, they are on a quest to capture an audience who can enjoy what they write as all experience the agony and the joy of every detail; many of which are based on everyday life. As new authors, co-laboring with the right publisher, they believe their writings are inspired and blessed and will present itself soul stirring and educational to the reader.

Authors Note: “Although this is our first effort to publish, we believe that the fiction is more important than the track record. Thank you for reading with us.”

Author: William C. Lewis
Co-Author: Jennifer R. Smith