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One Story – 7 Novels Series!”

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FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #1 “The Curse Must Be Broken!” Jennifer is a professional Saleswoman… but she is also a kleptomaniac. Cherlene is an intellectual school teacher, but she can’t stop being a whore. Coldblood is struggling to be a good example for his son, but he daily chooses the lifestyle of a gangster. None of these offspring realizes that their destiny has already been predetermined by the sins of their parents. Now the question is… “Will Their Curses Be Broken?” Or passed…. FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. Get Book 1 and find out, now!


FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #2 BAD GIRLS!!! Yes, that’s who they are as they stole from the innocent, mistreated the Lord’s animals, and killed a man. They had no idea that the one they kllled, was no ordinary man, and they would see him again. Except this time, they would become the recipients of… “A Curse Unleashed!” It’s pretty good. Get your copy, now!

Rosa Smith…FBI Agent, who is determined to arrest Yoder Holloway. Yoder Holloway…Mobster and Killer, who is determined to have Rosa as his bride. How will it turn out? Who will win. Learn now in… FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #3. “Evils of a Cursed Son!” Get it now on Amazon Paperback and Kindle


How did FBI Agent, Donielle Taylor, switched sides of the law and become the worlds most wanted criminal? Find out how in…. FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #4 “A Cursed Daughter’s Vengeance

As many of us experience heartache, pain, and stress, in our daily lives, one might think we’re cursed to live that way. But can a saint also be cursed? Well, Job might be the one to ask.(Read Job Chapters 1 & 2). In This Fifth novel…. FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #5, witness this bizarre situation as saints of God strive to survive the attacks of supernatural forces in… “Saints… Chosen, But Cursed!”

Can an Angel do wrong or sin? Hm? Are they exempt from the discipline of God? Well not according to 2 Peter 2:4 which says “…God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness…” You can also see this in Jude 6. Experience a taste of what happen to one of God’s favorite angels in… FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #6 “Angels… Fallen From Grace!”


In this final novel of the Series… FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION #7, the pits of hell have been alerted that Rosa and her chosen ones are predestined to save the world from an unpresedented evil of homosexuality. See what happens when Sodom and Gormorah is resurrected in today’s youths in… “So… & Go… Remixed!” (…in Atlanta).