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“The Mate Trilogy!”

When a woman meet a man she doesn’t know if he’s just a stranger, a foriegner, or an alien? Only time together will tell. But what if the stranger she meets, speaks a foriegn language, and is frrom another world.
The Mate Trilogy is about a planet of men who must marry and mate with their soul-mate by their 30th birthday or they will immediately drop dead. To began the series, see what happen when this alien who’s thrust from his home world, enters the earth in search of his bride to be.


“The Mate!”
(Book One)

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He appears to be human but… is he? He speaks like a normal being but… is he? He evens conducts himself like an American gentleman, but the question remains… is he?

In a galaxy far away, a 29-year-old alien with lethal semen must find a wife before he is 30. Unfortunately, a jealous goddess cursed the semen within the males which has caused them to eradicate more than one-half of the female population on the planet. Now women on the planet are far and few. However, if he doesn’t find a wife and mate with her in accordance with his alien customs by his 30th birthday, he will die.

See what happens when this alien is accidentally thrust to the earth and engages in this bizarre sexual ritual while the woman he’s drawn to attempts to elude and kill him. Will she destroy him, or will she become…“The Mate!”


Book 2

“The Mate… Domination!”

After the Elissan alien – Allure DeSade, mated with a human – Ashly Smith, and takes her to his planet, the males on his planet stage a space expedition to visit earth in effort to mate with other females.

While they are away, a new wave of aliens from another galaxy attempts to capture and mate with the Elissan females while the Elissan males are stealing earth women. During the process, Elisa, Kosha, and Shena find themselves in a fight or die situation as they attempt to prevent the Elissan males from taking the human women.

Witness this bizarre twist when the trio of women learn that the aliens they are attempting to destroy are the very ones they have been destined to save.

Book 3

“The Mate… On Fire!”

In this third and final novel of the trilogy, renegade Elissan who escaped Cialis prisons, are seeking to make earth their new home. Witness the outcome of these fatal sexual encounters as Shena, Noah, and Kosha face life threatening challenges while attempting to prevent Elissan renegades from taking over New York City.


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